Please be advised that all of the sources in the film are notated above.  All other writing, music, imaging, artistic directives, production, prediction, choking and puking, storyline, scripts, sequences, and so on, were and are, accomplished, predicted or predicated, innovated, and or; organized and completed by Raven Lee - my pen name.  Thank you and enjoy the movie!

    It’s time to learn and enjoy doing so, with a friend.  However, please be cautious.  This film has an unapproved rating of PG-13.  In other words, don’t just show this film to any child.  Be discreet.  If a child is over the age of thirteen - that’s okay - they need the shock!  So, please don’t choke on your popcorn.  My suggestive is to put the popcorn down, before the crash scene, since you’ll be there dying along with the victims of text messaging while driving.  So again, don’t poke on the chop corn….


    Although there is no profanity, foul language or inappropriate behavior in this film, there is one sequence which is a dramatization of a car crash caused by texting while driving.  It may or might, be a little shocking to some.  Hence, you, (the adult viewer), need to be shocked as well.  This dramatization, (partial), is taken from a Public Safety Announcement, (PSA), out of the UK province in England.  Their film was “specifically” made for high school students.  Their message “will” save lives.  Praise the Lord!  It will save lives.

    This film in its entirety however, was designed to combine informative and pronounced segments that in no way attempt to lighten the message from the UK, but to add value to it, by establishing supportive sources that are somewhat lighter and very, very savvy and to the point; that texting has risks.  Enjoy the movie.  Then, wake up.  There are real risks.  And, they are enormous.  You see; if this film were hell, and you were going there anyway, (maybe by texting while driving), then; it will only seem like an eternity to you as a viewer to watch this film at least once.  The film came in at just over 50 minutes.  The actual time is 51:11:28.  The film contains 9,203 frames.  And, at thirty frames per second - arguments that last - can be made - for anything.  Even Adolf Hitler knew that, as he was the first to use multimedia to impose his will upon the masses.  The film can easily be shown in one class session or even divided over many class periods in order to help you, as an instructor, to talk about your classwork within a permeable means of “receptivity,” since most students think that texting is no risk at all. 

    The film, “Future Text,” may at times help you as an instructor to connect early-on with a group of students.  The film is very educational, and since texting is the same to students as perhaps, a bathroom break; maybe then, it might not be much of a leap to at least let them know you are interested in what they are interested in - without telling them.  The car crash scene alone will tell them you are a very, very serious professor, (or Doctor even), yet; in the end, (at least by their last paper), it should show them just how their instructor evokes discussion; to wit:  They learn “exactly” what they learn - about what you taught ‘em - lol - or more specifically, did indeed facilitate something ritually important to them.  This film will definitely get their attention.  Then, all one has to do from there is keep their attention.  Thus:  Texting is not the distraction - it’s relating within the realm of receptivity.