Pulp Friction is a film about the history of recorded sound.  From the first recorded sound until the present.  It was designed as a tool for an instructor to show in class.  It covers all of the inventors, scientists and others from Edison to Marconi - who was the first to send a wireless message across the Atlantic and saved 700 lives on the Titanic.  Informative and in-depth, in terms of invention and inventors.  The theme of the film is one of “conflict,” hence, the title; Pulp Friction.  This film takes no prisoners in terms of multimedia influence.  As you know, it was Hitler who was the first to use the media to get people to do his will.  The historical timeline is accurate and to the point.  “Where we came from and where we are today.”  read it...



492 (Thesis and Capstone)


Darko Velichkovski


Paper & Film


Spring 2009




Entertainment Industry - Production

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