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What I know about writing, my writing skills and my stories.

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Some Stories:

A Flower Child

TV Cooking Show

The Dust Bowl

The Fishin’ Trip

Mashed Potatoes

Sunday Dinner At Grandmas

The Box

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The Quatrain

“Befittingly; an ancient moronic belief held; The Quatrain, as a mythical story about the Oriental quest for the Holy Grail; The Quatrain.  As far back as four thousand years, one would search for such books.  These works were sought widely; to have them meant you could control time, as many ancient Asians believed that time was of ultimate value.”   Read...http://www.nepteir.com/TheQuatrain.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0
Carbonous Erasia; is an adaptation of “Street Haunting:  A London Adventure,” by Virginia Woolfe.  
Within littera; a psychodrama is created in exploration; as to what happened that day in the streets of London; as told by her most faithful companion.
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